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Westchester County is in need of election inspectors willing to work at various polling sites on Election Day. We are especially in need of poll inspectors who are proficient in both English and Spanish.

Election inspector requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be registered to vote in the County of Westchester 
  • Hours are from 5 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. or to the close of the polls

Election inspector documents

Election inspectors are always needed
We are always looking for individuals to work as election inspectors. Election inspectors receive $350 for working on Election Day, plus $25 to attend a training class and pass an exam. To qualify you must:

  • Be a registered voter
  • Be a resident of Westchester County

If you are interested in becoming an election inspector, contact:

  • Ericka Sterling, Democrat, by phone at (914) 995-8568 or by e-mail at .
  • Jonathan Cannella, Republican, by phone at (914) 995-8563 or by e-mail at .

You may also complete the Poll Worker Application form and submit it to the BOE either by e-mail or mail. You may download, print and share our flier containing the information above.

Note: If you cannot complete the fillable form on your computer, then print, complete and mail it to the address on the form. You may also fax the completed form to (914) 995-4603.

Election inspector supervisors
Jonathan Cannella (Republican)
Tel: (914) 995-8563

Ericka Sterling (Democrat)
Tel: (914) 995-8568

Bilingual election inspector coordinators
Olga Rivera (Republican)
Tel: (914) 995-8559

Ada Carden (Democrat)
Tel: (914) 995-7810

For additional information, visit the New York State Board of Elections.